Credit Scores Can Impact Your Real Estate Financing

If you are putting three percent down on a property that is to be your primary residence, you can get away with a credit score around 620. Investment purchases typically require scores well over 680, with anywhere from 20-25% down. A higher score will not only impact your loan approval, but it will give you a higher interest rate.

How Credit Inquiries Affect your Credit Score The average credit score for a conventional real estate loan is 752. Scores above 760 are viewed as top tier, with lenders generally offering the best rates and most choices for these borrowers. credit scores below 620 fall into the subprime category, which can make it much more difficult to locate a loan provider.

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Understanding your credit scores and credit report is another important personal finance tip for beginners. Credit Sesame is.

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3 Questions about Seller’s Credit? Asked by Angie, San Jose, CA Sun Jun 5, 2011. 3 questions: 1. Is it true that the buyer should not ask for a credit greater than the full closing cost because the credit will apply to the full closing cost and the remaining amount will go back to the seller?

Beyond the specific score, certain negative credit report items can also impact your ability to qualify for an FHA loan. In particular, if you have gone through a bankruptcy discharge, you’ll need to wait at least one year after filing Chapter 13, and at least two years after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

When you’re going to apply for a mortgage, you’ll want to improve your credit score. Most lenders use a FICO score model, which is calculated by the following weighted factors: payment history (35%) debts (30%) Length of credit history (15%) New credit (10%) Type of credit used (10%)

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