Florida Lady Bird Deed – Enhanced Life Estate Deed

A traditional Life Estate Deed is is one in which the owner transfers real. is the " Ladybird Deed," otherwise known as an "enhanced life estate Deed.. Revocable Living Trust due to Florida's constitutional restrictions on the.

The origin of the word “Lady Bird” comes from the author naming the various deeds he had in his publication after famous persons. The Lady Bird Deed is named after Lady bird johnson. So, that dates how long it’s been around and the author of the Lady Bird Deed, or the enhanced life-estate deed.

In Florida, a Lady Bird deed is an estate planning tool which can be used to. An “enhanced” life estate deed, a.k.a. Lady Bird Deed, allows the.

W hat is a Lady Bird Deed?. A Florida Enhanced Life Estate Deed, more commonly referred to as a Lady Bird Deed or Ladybird Deed, is a special type of life estate deed used to automatically transfer ownership of a property to another person(s) [referred to as the remainder beneficiaries] upon the owner’s death without the need for probate.

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In Florida, a Ladybird deed is also known as an enhanced life estate deed. This type of deed permits a person or family that owns real estate,

Advantages of Using a Lady Bird Deed. The Lady Bird Deed, also known as an "enhanced life estate deed," is utilized to maintain control of the property, retaining the benefits of homestead (if applicable), and is used to avoid probate. It also has the advantage of allowing a homestead to retain its protected status from creditors.

This deed is nicknamed “Lady Bird” because the Florida attorney who first. A Lady Bird deed, technically called an enhanced life estate deed,

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