Is the Housing Market Even Worse than it Seems?

Is the Housing Market Worse Than It Seems? Posted on Aug 30th, 2006 Matt Hougan ( submits: The housing market feels like its falling apart. The newspapers are full of stories about falling prices and rising inventories. Where I live, "price reduced" signs are popping up, and some houses have been on the market for more than a year.

Why the U.S. economy is worse than it seems. Wages trend up but still too low: The tight labor market is no doubt lifting workers'. Add housing and health-care costs, and even middle-wage earners with children have.

Courtesy of MGM The real estate crash that never seems to end appears to be getting even worse. Home prices continue to go down, the number of underwater mortgages is soaring and the number of foreclosures set an all-time record in 2010. The peak of the housing market was in 2005 and the subprime mortgage crisis erupted in 2008.

Highest cost rental markets: Even Worse for Buyers. The range in median contract rent between the major housing markets 3.1 times, with San Jose being the most expensive and Rochester the least. The range in median house values was more than double that, at 6.6 times, between highest cost San Jose and lowest cost Pittsburgh.

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 · Builders warned of a slowdown in home sales. And they were right – except the numbers are even worse than expected. Sales of newly built homes dropped 5.5 percent in.

But this article will show you that when you dig deeper into the fundamentals of this company, you will see that Home Depot is a force that seems. better than other stocks and the market in general.

This firm has been steadily growing profits, is more efficient than its peers. the purchase of a new home, or worse, price buyers out of the housing market altogether. However, mortgage.

And in order to avoid a worst-case scenario of Five Star going into bankruptcy proceedings, it seems that Senior Housing Properties management and. in Five Star "for the foreseeable future." The.

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Even for millions of Americans with jobs, there’s a palpable sense of loss and anxiety. One reason is the devastating housing slump, subtracting huge amounts from people’s wealth.