Senior in Debt

senior debt definition: Debt that is first in line to be paid if the borrower defaults and goes into bankruptcy..

What is ‘Senior Debt’. Senior debt is borrowed money that a company must repay first if it goes out of business. Each type of financing has a different priority level in being repaid if the company goes out of business. If a company goes bankrupt, the issuers of senior debt, which are often bondholders or banks that have issued revolving credit.

A new study by Statistics Canada revealed that just 58% of “senior-led” families were debt-free in 2016, a stark drop from the 72.6% that were debt-free in 1999. Another recent study found that a quarter of respondents between the ages of 55 and 80 were struggling financially, with the indebted respondents carrying an average of $11,204 in non-mortgage debt.

Debt relief for seniors is much the same as it is for people that are not seniors. Many of the same programs are offered as solutions to the same problems. The biggest difference is that many seniors do not have a steady income or any income at all.

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Ben Miller, former senior policy advisor with the U.S. Department of Education, and James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute fellow, join CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss if student loan debt.

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 · Seniors are even dealing with lingering student debt: 706,000 senior households grappled with a record $18.2 billion in student loans in 2013, according.

Additional issues seniors will want to consider include: Discharging medical debt and credit card bills. These are two of the easiest types of debt to discharge in bankruptcy. In fact, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can wipe out qualifying debt in a few months.

Senior citizens suffer from financial dilemmas, such as debt, for a myriad of reasons, including a crumbling economy, dwindling savings, rising medical costs, credit card debt and fraud. The recent downturn of the American economy has been especially tough on seniors who survive on fixed incomes.

Senior Debt or a Senior Note is money owed by a company that has first claims on a company’s cash flows. It is more secure than any other debt such as subordinated debt (also known as junior debt) because senior debt is usually collateralized by assets. This means the lender is granted a first lien claim

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