The Stupidity Of Imaginary Racism

Our Occasional-Cortex again displayed her iridescent stupidity in proclaiming the scourge of ringworm. It whinnies and whines about nonexistent racism and imaginary persecution of "Bisexual-Lesbian.

Reverse racism isn’t real. No, really. The "reverse racism" card is often pulled by white people when people of color call out racism and discrimination, or create spaces for themselves (think BET) that white people aren’t a part of. The impulse behind the reverse racism argument seems to.

This is absolute nonsense. Nigerians racist towards a white man Rubbish Nigerians will rather take sides with a white man against their own than to be racist towards a white man. The person in question is an slowpoke and deserves no attention.

I have been appalled by the emboldened show of racism during this election.. (aka agents – and by the way, when will such linguistically neutered stupidity.

This might be a racist act, or it might be a simple counter protest about free expression, but it could also be an important, not really optional, statement against the spread of bone-headed rules.

Although I could not imagine anyone else as my father, the longer it is since my father last spoke to me, the more imaginary he has become. pointing out how stupid I was. How lazy. How.

(Updated) The far right on the Supreme Court will once again try and destroy affirmative action in State Public Schools. They will likely fail in a 5 to 4 split, but it allows us once again to to see the fiber of Justice Roberts, Scalia, Alito and that other guy that follows Scalia like a lap dog on.

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Blame-shifting – Blacks like to use the race card, crying racism and blaming.. Either way, the biggest stupidity that White culture promotes is the idea that. Your imaginary black co-workers do not represent black people.

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The tone of discussions regarding racism in America has devolved into divisive discord with many people anchored to one side of the polar perspectives; it’s either as real as apple pie, or imaginary.

A stupid corksucker wearing a sportsball jersey with another mans name on it..loser. That dog was probably sent to the Michael Vick dog school.for training. White powder, beaches! This racism shit is tiring, time for a nap.