Wow! This free iPad productivity app will make you forget Office exists

 · So the question becomes this: what are the best phones and tablets for LineageOS? If you’re willing to unlock bootloaders and flash ROMs, which devices suddenly become more useful? That’s what we wanted to find out. For this guide, we only took.

 · I’m playing with Hyper-V 8 I installed Hyper-V 8 Server on a system (HYPER8) Everything seems to run fine. From a Windows 2008 R2 system I enabled the Hyper-V management feature. When I try to connect to my Hyper-V server I get "You do not have the required permission to complete this task. · Hi Eric, This is a common problem where hyper-v server.

If you’re a productivity worker, Windows 8 does very little for you, and in fact probably makes your life harder.. jump in with great new convertible tablet designs that make the iPad look tired. app developers create astounding new Metro programs that make things like Office and Photoshop.

It is slow, especially running in a virtual machine, it is very difficulty to pull up the metro start screen on a VM window, trying to find that 1/1000th of a pixel in the bottom left hand corner to bring up Metro to launch an app is extremely frustrating, and then once you do get Metro up trying to find the app you want is a right PITA.

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I have a couple ebook ideas rolling around in my head. So thought I’d look up how to write an ebook and you came up first! Yay! So now I need to just get started (after I read you series on them though. ) Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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